Return Policy

Iwantbattery offers 7 days easy return policy, below are the condition for easy return

  •  Product should be unused.

Replacement Policy

Iwantbattery offers 3 months or 6 months ( warranty varies brand to brand ) replacement warranty for our products. Below are the conditions for the replacement service.

Battery Replacement Conditions are below:

1. Battery will be replaced if showing manufacturing defects.

2. Dead Battery.

3. Not Giving Proper Backup.

4. Physically Damaged in Transit ( should be informed within 48 hrs after the delivery ).

1. Products should not be replaced in below conditions

swallow / torn / shrink/ bludgeoned / Fired / Cut in these conditioned battery can not be replaced.

- It can not be replaced in above conditions because our product will be customer's property after the delivery, and customer is sole responsible how he handle our product. It can be swallow if customer put battery on charging for long hours, like throughout the night or more than 5-7 hours. Battery can also be swallow / shrink / bludgeoned because of heating problem in mobile PCB, due to hardware problem in phone, the battery can misbehave, so that iwantbattery can not take the responsibility in the above mentioned conditions of the battery.